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So what is included in Easynote's extended package?

Increase productivity and execute faster with this package, jammed full of advanced features to suit your needs and that of your team.

Seamlessly connect and communicate with Easynote's built in conferencing app. This package guides you in creating risk mitigation plans as well as log and approve budgetary or other changes during project execution. All this on an easy to use and intuitive platform.

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Be more productive and get the most of Easynote with the extended package

What better way to stay on top of your work than using our Easynote's extended package.
Have all apps and tools available as task manager / project management tool in
order for you to be more productive and organized.

With the extended package we can guaranty that your will
be more productive and satisfied as customer!

3x Daily Backup done

We are taking a daily backup of data

100 GB Storage

Never run out of space on your projects

Live / Phone

Chat with us or simply call us.

Check out the 20 amazing apps
included only in the Extended Package

Easynote applications system is World famous. Easynote allows you to install any application per each project which means you are able to adapt any project to your needs. With a simply click, select the application you would like
to have in your project and your are ready to go! Now, that's something!

  • Calendar

    Want to see all your task deadlines in one place, then use the Calendar.

    With the Calendar you can all your tasks, including their names, deadlines and urgency.

    • See when every task is due to completed

    • See every task’s urgency

    • Easily interact with every task

    Use the Calendar to better schedule your project’s tasks and their deadlines.

  • Subtasks

    One of the best ways to do a task is to break it down into smaller tasks. That’s why you need Subtasks.

    With Subtasks, it’s easy to create as many subtasks for task as you like, as well as assign them to your colleagues.

    • Easily create subtasks

    • Incorporate subtasks into a checklist

    Subtasks, along with checklists, makes it much easier for you to manage your tasks, ensuring that they’re completed and that your project is a success.

  • Milestones

    See how far you have come, and how far you have to go with Milestones.

    Milestone are specific time points in a project’s lifecycle that measures its progress toward its ultimate goal. Milestones are a great way to organise your project's tasks according to the phase they need to be completed by.

    ·        Set due dates and priorities

    ·        Filter and sort with ease

    ·        Show completed Milestones

    ·        Show completed Tasks

    ·        Export Milestones to PDF (details)-something for Knowledge Base

    To keep your mind at ease, Easynote provides a Backup service with all your data including Milestones in XML format (or another relevant format).

  • Files

    Keep all the folders and files you need to succeed with File Management.

    Sharing documents and files makes for easier collaboration and teamwork. With Easynote’s File Management you can access all your project’s files in one place. Files uploaded directly and and attached to your tasks are easy to find and download.

    ·        Attach with drag and drop and copy/paste

    ·        File folders and unlimited subfolders

    ·        Upload multiple files and folders

    ·        Thumbnails and list views

    ·        Find a file and easily jump to a place where it was attached

    ·        Files duplicated in Attachment Storage

    We provide you with 1GB free storage with (insert MB) file size limit, and with Easynote’s Backup service your documents and files will always be safe.

  • Activity

    It’s important to know what was done and when. That’s why you need Activity.

    With Easynote’s Activity you can see when tasks were created and completed, in addition to how important they are. What’s more, you can see when new deadlines and comments were added as well.

    • Easy-to-use ‘tree’ structure

    • Show project activity, including tasks, deadlines and comments

    • Select any task, both current and completed

    Activity, with its clear tree-like structure, makes it easy to see what tasks have been created and completed, and give you a great overview of how your project’s progressing.

  • Meeting minutes

    Meetings happen. Make the most of them with Meeting Minutes.

    With Meeting Minutes you can see what was said and decided. Easynote’s Meeting Minutes makes it easy to note what the meeting was about, who attended, what decisions were made, and what actions need to be taken.

    ·         Easy-to-use format

    ·         Share with team members

    ·         Show decisions made

    ·         Show actions to be taken

    ·         Export Meeting Minutes to PDF

    Meeting Minutes are a great way to keep your team organised and stay on top your projects.

  • Risk management

  • Change management

  • Web meetings

    Do what no other project management tool does, and chat to your colleagues online with Easynote’s Web Conference.

    Easynote’s Web Conference features intuitive controls that makes it easy to hold online meetings. You can meet up with up to 8 people, share screens, have a video conference and a chat.

    • Easy-to-use controls

    • Have up to 8 participants

    • Share screens

    • Automatically adjusts for optimal size

  • Comments

    Whether you need to make a reminder or show your progress to colleagues, you can do so with Comments. Comments are easily added to tasks….

  • Completed

    See how much of your task’s been done and how much has to go with percentage completed app

    Competed percentage App is a sleek and useful visual aid that you can use to track a task’s progress. Simply assign a representative value, and both you and others will be able to see exactly how far you’ve progressed with each task.

    • Stylish and easy to see display

    • Assign your own value

    • Increase as task progresses

    With Competed percentage App, you’re able to track each task’s progress, measuring how much work you’ve done to date, and how much you still have to do.

  • Notifications

    It’s not always to remember what you have to do. That’s why you need Notifications.
    Notifications tell you what your tasks are and when they need to be completed. With Easynote’s Notifications you’ll receive an e-mail as soon as a task has been assigned to you. You’ll also be notified if a task deadline is approaching.
    Send and receive e-mails for newly created tasks
    Send and receive e-mails for existing tasks
    Get a reminder as a task’s deadline approaches
    Notifications are a great way to ensure that you and others always know what tasks are and when you have to do them.

  • Statistics

    Keep track how many of your tasks are completed, how is the workload of the team and see how many tasks are allocated in each urgency category. 
  • Steering meetings

    Steering meetings

  • Task sharing

    Would you like to show your task to someone who is not a member of your project or not even Easynote? 
    With Share Task app you can share any task to anyone and they can view it even without being logged in into Easynote. 

    You will receive a shared link once you share a task and you can then give this like to anyone you want. 

    You can easily turn on or off to share a task. 

  • Urgency

    Would like to sort your tasks based on urgency or how critical they are? 
    Urgency app is a great way to do so. Get a great overview what tasks are most critical and sort your tasks based on urgency! 
  • Time tracking

    Keep track of time spent on each project and get the entire time spent on a project
  • Contacts

    This is just some stuff
  • Reports

    Easynote is offering an option to generate following reports. 

    • Active tasks by assignee
    • Weekly project status
    • Overdue tasks by assignee
    • Unassigned tasks
    • Yesterday created tasks
    • Completed tasks
    • Workload per user
    • Time spent this week

  • Newsletter Designer

    Newsletter designer

Trusted by some of amazing people

Some of the ompanies who are using our extended package

  • Samsung is usings Easynote's extended package
  • Yamaha is managing their projects with Easynote's extended package
  • Siements is depending on Easynote's extended package for project management
  • Barlays's project managers are using Easynote's extended package
  • We love Unicef and they are using Easynote's extended package
  • The pharmacy brand Pfizer is using Easynote's extended package


Find so much more in our Extended Package. In a project communication is key which is why this package is geared on helping teams collaborate through different channels to ensure success.

Built in web conferencing allows online meetings, remotely accessed with chat capability!

Available features in Extended package

We have gathered some of the features included in the extended package.

These features will give you a great overview what you will get in your extended package.

These features are not available in the free version of Easynote.

  • Task management
  • Team collaboration
  • 100 GB storage
  • 3x Daily backup of your data
  • Phone and Live chat support
  • Re-occuring tasks
  • Set start date and end date on tasks
  • Set reminder on expiring tasks and get notified
  • Sync tasks with your Google Calendar
  • Google Drive - Upload files from your Google Drive
  • Dropbox - Upload files from your Dropbox
  • Unlimited checklists
  • Subtasks
  • Task dependency - Make sure other tasks are completed before anotherone can start
  • Change management - Keep track of any changes in your project
  • Webconferance - Schedule meetings, invite participants and have video and chat conferance in your browser!
  • Contacts - Manage your contacts and companies. Schedule webmeeting with contacts directly!
  • Read only projects - Give access to members to only view your projects.
  • Premium Support
  • Sort tasks by - Urgency, Deadline, Responsibility, Status
  • Filter tasks in overview quickly
  • Import tasks from Excel
  • Export tasks to Excel
  • Milestones and connect tasks to them
  • Filemanager to manage your files
  • Activity - Keep track of what is happening in a project
  • Meeting minutes - written record of everything that's happened during a meeting. Save as PDF
  • Percentage completed - Set how much percentage a task has been completed
  • Statistics - A great statistics overview of your projects
  • Comments - Add comments to your tasks
  • Notifications - Get notification about any changes in your tasks. Assign multiple people responsible
  • Risk management - Manage risks in your projects
  • Steering meetings - Report your projects to a steering team
  • Share tasks - Share your tasks with people outside Easynote - Example: Clients
  • Timetracking - Keep track of worked time on each task and see the total project overview by members
  • Reports - Generate any type of reports and schedule them for sending by email and PDF to anyone.
Sync tasks with Google Calendar with the extended package

Sync tasks with Google Calendar

Google Calendar on Easynote

In our account options page simply log in to your calendar account and easynote will sync automatically.

We know how tiresome it is to switch or change what you love to use so.....don't.

Easynote Tasks and deadlines will appear in your calendar to keep you posted and on track on your mobile

Google drive integration

Upload files from Google Drive

Upload files from Google Drive into Easynote

Now you can upload your files directly from google drive making your workflow fit in what you already use.

At Easynote we hate 2 step processes that can be done in one. No more downloading from G-drive to upload to Easynote!

Dropbox integration on Easynote

Upload files from Dropbox

Upload files from dropbox into Easynote

As easy with one click you can upload your Dropbox files directly as attachements in Easynote. Get instant access to your Dropbox files and speed up your workflow!

Re-occuring tasks on Easynote

Re-occuring tasks

Create tasks and set them as re-occuring. 
The tasks will be then created on exact time you have set them.

We have included so your checklists and subtasks will be also copied to your new tasks. 

Set deadlines on projects in Easynote as your task manager

Set startdate and end date on projects and get reminders to your email and popup!

Make your tasks timely by adding a start and end date allowing you and your team to see how long they have to coomplete it.

It sounds simple but adding a timeline to a project is so vital to its' success

You can decide when you would like to get a reminder when your task is about is to expire. 

Interesting facts about our extended packages

Did you know that more than 30 000 customers are using our extended package?
And there is a good reason for that!

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Read / Write access to projects on Easynote

Read / Write access to your projects

As a project manager it is important to control access to certain users to maintain integrity of the information on the tool.

Premium support for our customers

Premium support

Along with chat and email support we also offer phone support for the Extended package.

If you ever have any issues with features or how to use them simply pick up the phone and talk to one of our product experts.


All of this for only $10 per month ($0.33 per day) and user. Teams of 5 people or more.


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